What's Wrong in This Photo??

dmttip上星期丹尼斯·莫兰德·塔克,we talked about correct adjustment of the curb (chin strap or curb strap).在这张照片中,the curb is adjusted too tightly,使其与下颚下侧持续接触。

This tight adjustment is forcing the bit to remain in a backward rotation and the mouthpiece to apply constant pressure to the horse's tongue,bars,and lips.The brakes are always on!!

This can make the horse uncomfortable and he may throw his head or set his head behind the vertical in an attempt to escape the constant tightness.He won't be able to carry the bit correctly when the curb is too tight.

When thecurb is adjusted correctlyand the reins are pulled,发生钻头的正向旋转,这导致路边收紧。反过来,this causes the horse to drop his head and carry it more vertically,and he slows down or stops. When he does this,这给他的民意测验释放了压力,chin and mouth.This release also occurs when you release pressure on the reins.

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