DM hackamore demo

用丹尼斯·莫兰·塔克(Dennis Moreland Tack)学习测量马匹的最佳方法。

Would you like to know how to measure your horse for a hackamore?It's not easy to find an answer and it's also not easy to know just where on the nose to measure.有许多种类的黑木瓜可供选择。We'll focus on measuring for a Texas style hackamore a hackamore rein但这项技术几乎适用于任何有鼻环和跟结的钢刀。

A hackamore needs to fit well so it can function correctly.鼻箍和鼻子之间需要有足够的空间,这样马才能舒服地呼吸和咀嚼。This space also allows for a slight release of pressure to occur when the reins are dropped.这种压力的释放也可以作为一种奖励,当马从后面向前行驶时,它会将头放在收集位置。Hackamores are great tools to use in the training for collection because they work with a pressure and release system,就像马笼头一样,but without the bit.

When the hackamore rein is pulled the heel knot moves up as pressure from the noseband is applied to the nose.When the rein is released;由于马的头部移动到一个更横向的位置或骑手释放的压力(或两者的组合)导致脚跟结下降。当它下降时,鼻子上的压力释放出来。The pressure and release can only work if your hackamore fits correctly.

Follow along in the video to learn the simple way to measure your horse for a hackamore你需要一根直径大约为1/2英寸的铅绳(绳线和绳子不能很好地工作,因为它们在你试图测量的时候在鼻子上太紧了)和一个记号笔。

Place the lead rope around the nose where you want the hackamore noseband.虽然这是个人偏好,但一个好的选择是眼睛的尖端和鼻孔的底部之间的一半。鼻梁支撑着这里的木桩。It isn't too low in the sensitive area of the nose and it isn't too high where it can't function correctly.Mark a line on the lead rope where the 2 lengths meet under the chin.This is where the heel knot begins.因为钢丝绳会绑在鞋跟结的正前方,所以你要确保有足够的长度来容纳钢丝绳。最靠近下巴的钢筋边缘和下巴之间应留有空隙。After your lead rope is marked lay it out flat and measure between the marks.这是你需要的尺寸。

Hackamores are the first tool of communication used on young horses in many training programs.A lot of horsemen and horsewomen find their horses work better in a hackamore regardless of their age or level of training.

Dennis Moreland has been making hackamores手握40多年。They fit like they are supposed to and respond to the pull and release of the rein smoothly and instantly.Call or text 817-312-5305 or write[电子邮件受保护]with any questions.