NRCha Snafle Bit Futurity中级公开赛冠军–由SDP Buffalo Ranch自豪拥有

A Champion's Mind

Do you want to be a champion?你想成为最伟大的人吗?好,我也是!!How do we get there??

There is a cool book by Dr.Jim Afremow called""冠军的心意:运动员的想法多么伟大,Train and Thrive.""This book breaks down the mental strategies that champions use on the field,supports these claims by drawing on examples from all fields of athletics and then shows you how to adapt those same techniques to further yourself.Jim says nobody has a"champion's mind"gene.You are not born a champion,you become one.If you practice thinking like a champion,然后你会,in turn,act and feel like one.

所以,how do champions think?Champions think only of the win!They never aim for second place,他们也不甘心接受。The only mission is to perform at your very best.Jim lays a lot of stress on the idea that mental conditioning is key,using the analogy of stacking blocks to build a castle.Here are the building blocks he says you need to arrange in order to become a champion:

  • TechnicalYour mechanics and your coordination
  • Tactical– The strategies you use to outmaneuver your opponent on the court,field,等。
  • Physical– Strength,stamina and conditioning
  • Mental–你的想法,your feelings and your emotions.Note that this is different from tactics;it doesn't relate to the mental techniques you use on your opponents,但在你自己身上。It's more about psyching yourself up than psyching someone else out.

A lot of us focus overwhelmingly on the first three blocks.但吉姆认为,如果精神上的积木不到位,then the entire stack will tip over under pressure and victory will evade you.

Jim gives us these""冠军心目中""tips about being a champion on your big day of performance:

尽可能接近大日子练习.我们的训练强度通常太低。试着用和你的表现相同的强度来练习,从而最大限度地发挥你的练习效果。Make it as close as possible to actual performance conditions.

Minimize the magnitude of the big day.In fact,don't even think of it as a大日子.Consider it a"花式练习。”Jim talks about athletes turning on their"game face."他的建议是:丢掉游戏脸。Just bringYOURface,which is always game-ready.

Roll with the punches when you lose.What makes a champion a champion?Not just their skill at achieving victory,but their resilience in springing back from defeat.冠军的皮肤很厚。Are they devastated by defeat?当然。But are they discouraged?不!Champions relish the opportunity to perform to confront adversity.They lose,they lick their wounds,they come back and they win in style.If you practice thinking about yourself with that level of resilience,你也可以。

Clay Volmer,Shane Plummer with his kids,Maggie and Smith

在SDP水牛牧场,we try every day to have a champion's mind.We practice and work on the building blocks to set us apart in this industry.As a team,we practice being the very best at everything we do.There is not on part of SDP Buffalo Ranch that is more important than the other.We all need to be working at our very best to make us the CHAMPIONS of what we do.We all work very hard and we are very proud of who we are!!

In the past,我们被不同学科的冠军所包围。如果你分别观察它们,they are all great at what they do.共同地,they all have something in common… A CHAMPION'S MIND!The owners,the trainers and their team of professionals and the horses…ALL of them have a champion's mind!他们认为黄金;他们从不瞄准白银,他们也不甘心接受。学习生活中的冠军。Learn from them and think like them.We can all be champions.

In this instance,we would like to congratulate and celebrate the latest CHAMPIONS in the SDP Buffalo Ranch family – SDP Hy Rey Bound and PG Heavily Armed.

Clay Volmer stopping cow on fence

SDP Hy Rey Bound is by the great sire and Dual Rey's No.1个儿子,TR双雷伊。He is out of our very own homegrown mare SDP Hydriven Hicapoo.From the beginning,this black stallion was special.He had a look and a way about him.他是由克里斯蒂安·米勒创立的,who was the assistant trainer for Paul Hansma at the time.

Christian said,"He was gritty from the start.我觉得克莱很喜欢叫他“畜生”,' and it fits him to a T.他总是很有运动精神,很有勇气。”"


"The first time I rode him,我意识到他非常强壮。He wasn't very big,但他太强壮了!我给他试驾了,他足够强壮,可以全速保持领先,so that was great.As he progressed,他会一直给我留下深刻印象。He stops huge,他变大了。他是那么的坚强。”"


"运行之后,我只是知道,"Clay said."It was so clean and organized;the plan had been executed perfectly.This is what this horse was born to do!He is so incredibly fast,but he is so controlled and intentional.我要感谢谢恩派他来见我,I look forward to his future!""

好,PG Heavily armed is on FIRE!他身价900万美元,而1997年的新罕布什尔州马不到一英亩。He and James Payne are just slaying it!这匹种马真令人印象深刻。


Brazos Bash Classic/Challenge Open Champion & Southern 亚博在线登入Cutting Futurity Classic/Challenge Open Reserve Champion – proudly owned by Mike & Brenda Armstrong

PG Heavily Armed was just crowned the Classic/Challenge Open Reserve Champion at the Southern,在他令人印象深刻的表演记录中,其中包括Brazos Bash Classic/挑战公开赛,West Texas Mercuria/NCHA World Series of 亚博在线登入Cutting Open Championship,NCHA夏季壮观的经典/挑战公开赛和非职业加上公开赛德比公开赛共同锦标赛。He has been an Open finalist 25 times to date and his lifetime earnings now exceed $228,000.

We are proud to be standing PG Heavily Armed.His 2019 breeding fee is $2,000(加滑槽费)。Contact us today for your contract.