Champions Crowned at Stock Horse World Show

The Western Horseman Stock Horse World Show wrapped up three days of competition as more than 230 riders vied for several World Champion titles.事件,由德克萨斯州赛马会主办,西部赛马会赞助,强调了牧场马在竞争奶牛工作时的多功能性,勒宁赛马乐趣和赛马步道。The Stock Horse Derby and AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge concluded the final day of the competition.

8-75岁的车手在七个不同的部门测试了他们的技术。这个节目有2个以上,三天内输入300个条目,with exhibitors from as far as Wyoming,Missouri and Arkansas making the trip to Abilene,Texas.总共27美元,600美元已经付清,and more than $36,000 in prizes were presented at the exhibitor awards party.奖品由经典马赞助。

"The World Show gives our exhibitors the chance to compete on a big stage and truly show how versatile their horses are,"得克萨斯州总统威廉·刘易斯说。"这些马很了不起,几分钟后,在一个竞技场里,从一头奶牛的栅栏下向一条错综复杂的牧场小径行进。”"

公开赛,由暴风云服装公司赞助,去了本·巴尔德斯,Bowie,德克萨斯州,在汽车城骑行(Playinstylish先生x Mo Flo x Mr Peponita Flo),owned by Catelyn Walker,草原小树林,阿肯色。The 5-year-old sorrel gelding won the All-Around in the first go-round and finished Reserve in the second go-round to top last year's World Champion,Seven S Woodrow,a son ofWoody Be Tuff.阉割,who is out of Bo Spoon (by Mr Sorrel Bo),今年为老板杰瑞·沃德赢得了储备,Canton,密西西比州。

巴尔德斯整个周末都在摩托城玩,沃克也在青年组给他看。中名列第三。在演出的最后一天,鲍德斯骑马去德比公开赛。Once again,Seven S Woodrow finished Reserve.

In addition to individual competition,collegiate team World Champions were also crowned in Division I and Division II,with North Central Texas College and Tarleton State University earning championships in each division.德克萨斯理工大学和克拉伦登学院是预备役,respectively.


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