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农场账单:马不是宠物,' Research Funded


《2018年农业改善法》(H.R.2),或者农场账单,passed both houses of Congress on Dec.12 and wassigned by the president this week马产业重点包括修订后的法定定义,该定义将马从“的总括定义中排除。pets"并在2023财年为关键牲畜和国际市场开发项目提供资金,根据美国马理事会(AHC)发布的最新立法。

随着马业的广泛推广,国会议员在参议院版本中使用了一种语言,将马定义为pets"within the context of a"Pet and Women Safety"(爪子)测量。Industry officials had requested lawmakers delete"horses"from the proposed statutory definition of"宠物,"但保留“horses"作为一个独立的类别。作为对过去六个月内传达给国会领导人的行业信息的回应,最后的会议报告指出,clarifies the definition of pet to include certain companion animals,同时也为马等其他动物提供保护,service animals,以及情感支持动物。”"

修订后的定义有助于保持马的长期分类为”牲畜,"while allowing equines to fall within the scope of property damage subject to compensation within the parameters of the PAWS Act.


华盛顿的官员们,总部位于D.C.的AHC,代表马业游说,said a preliminary review of the legislation showed lawmakers are moving in the right direction with respect to funding important animal health programs.Unlike earlier versions of the bill,法律要求,rather than authorizes,至少1.5亿美元为国家动物疫苗银行(NAVCB)提供资金,the National Animal Disaster Preparedness and Response Program (NADPRP) and National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN),among other programs,2019至2023财年,1.5亿美元,the bill stipulates that Congress will appropriate $112 million"to be allocated among the NAHLN,the NADPRP and the NAVVCB.""

关于Nahln,a major priority for the horse industry,这项立法还授权在农业法案的五年期限内,每年可获得3000万美元的拨款,匹配行业授权请求,AHC官员说。

此外,法律规定每年强制性资金2.55亿美元”for Foreign Market Development,市场准入计划,and other programs that support the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

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