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小杰克逊猫和麦克伍德。• Photo by Molly Montag.


For the second year in a row,小杰克逊猫赢得了全国砍马协会(NCHA)25000美元的世界总决赛新手秀亚博在线登入冠军。This time,她和教练麦克·伍德做得更好,还赢得了年终世界冠军。

Wood,斯科茨,亚利桑那州,引导的女儿等位精英$80 Million Sire眉毛高的猫to a composite of 446 (223/223) and show earnings of $4,440.They won the $25,000 Novice World Championship by compiling $54,439 in the class over the course of the entire year,约17378美元,比同窗木材培训生和世界冠军糖果女郎(U)。

25000美元的新秀冠军是NCHA世界总决赛期间在同一个班级里获得最多收入的马,which is held in conjunction with the NCHA Futurity.The World Championship is won by the horse that earned the most money in the class throughout the entire course of the year.

"She's been a fantastic mare.“她对一头牛有如此多的观察力,而且她很有电,”伍德在谈到黎明查普曼的母马时说。“她是一匹好马,从不想惹麻烦。”

查普曼在2017年NCHA世界总决赛前买下了杰克逊猫。The daughter of Rey To Play (by Dual Rey)  was in the Top 15,所以他们把她带到沃思堡去看演出。唯一的问题是伍德在世界总决赛班上已经有两匹马了,so he asked friend and fellow trainer Les Bates to catch-ride the mare.It turned out to be a good match,because Bates rode the mare to that year's $25,000 Novice World Finals Show Championship.

计划是让查普曼今年把母马拖走,although she wasn't able to compete as much as she'd planned,查普曼和母马获得了今年25000美元的非职业新手世界总决赛的资格。They marked a 210 in the first go-round on Friday (Nov.30)并被安排在周六的世界总决赛的最后一场比赛。

After one day of finals at the 2018 event,Wood's barn already was having a big show.On Thursday,伍德加入了胜利者的圈子客户端,Brian Pearsewho won the $35,000 Non-Pro World Finals Show冠军地位。Later that day,员工Tulsa Beck和Mary Penner赢得2000美元极限车手世界总决赛的冠军以及2000美元的极限车手世界锦标赛,分别。

伍德说,一整年的拖运马——确保它们在年底的状态和年初一样好——都需要谨慎的管理和关注细节。It's part of the barn's philosophy: Wood's barn doesn't issue customers a training bill;it charges a management fee.

“我们就是这样看的,because we manage these horses.我们管理他们的健康,他们的饲料计划,their supplements,[and] their veterinary care," he said."We take good care of them at the shows.这些马得到了优质的护理,使它们保持健康和新鲜。”

Each horse is different,with some requiring more or less riding than others to remain in top condition throughout the year.当他们回家时,所有的人都会被翻到草地上。Although some people have the perception that hauling for a year-end title is extremely taxing on horses,伍德谨慎地说,亚博在线登入cutting horses can end the year just as good as they started.

"Our horses,they were just as strong at the end of the year as they were at the beginning and I think that says something," he said.

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