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There is no stallion more deserving of a surgical remedy than a cryptorchid stallion.QHN文件照片


作为上个月专栏关于年轻种马隐睾症状况的后续报道,本月我们将研究您的治疗选择。The saying goes that sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease,but I would say the opposite is the case for cryptorchidism.You may not have had the […]

Stall Bedding Matters

Straw,shavings,paper – hemp?There are many horse bedding options available on the market today.Like many things in the Western performance industry,你为马厩选择的床上用品可能是基于传统——也许是你父母用的,or a favorite trainer.If you keep your horse elsewhere,[…]

The World of Cryptorchids

I have a theory that states the size of a stallion's testicles is inversely proportional to their "undesirable" behavior.换一种说法,the smaller the testicles,the more the attitude;睾丸越大,the calmer-minded the stallion.Over 20 years of equine veterinary medicine,我发现这是真的马和[…]

The Scoop on Horse Poop

Monitoring your horse's poop is not for the faint of heart,但这是一个很好的方法来了解他体内发生了什么。处理马粪对大多数人来说可能不是一种开胃菜,但这是梅根·佩蒂的一部分,DVM的在图拉罗萨的图拉罗萨马诊所工作,新墨西哥州。粪肥是一种
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Steady & Strong: Training with Donkeys

Life without mom can be a scary time for any foal.One minute she's there for reassurance or food,but come weaning day,她已经脱离了他们的生活。在斯特林牧场,weanlings have a little help making that transition.它们伴随着每一步——实际上是连接着——一对稳定的,[…]

Frankly Speaking: Path of Change!

For some of you who care as deeply as I do for our horse and the industry that surrounds him,您期待着了解这项业务可能发生的积极变化。你们中的一些人已经努力做到积极主动。You filed your thoughts and ideas in the form of rule […]
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In the car business,不时地,an individual who had successfully climbed the ladder to a highly compensated level retired with a sizable piece of money.有些人想成为经销商。与经销商合作20年,they knew how stupid and inept dealers were,所以这将是一块[…]
Jimmy Bankston Cornbread

Cornbread Thinks: Keep the Money,把我送到牛群里去

有一个男人在国家砍马协会(NCHA)的未来展示上帝的恩典。亚博在线登入他坚持要我在他的故事中包括这一点。After hearing it — and only part of it — I must agree.Showing in the yabo在线Amateur,we noticed him because of his chaps first.它们是黑色的蝙蝠翅膀
Kelsey Pecsek和Qhn的员工像猫一样站着

Insights & Opinions: Futurity Magic

As I write this,我坐在沃思堡的四分之一马新闻亭,亚博在线Texas,during a cattle change for the National 亚博在线登入Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity Open semifinals.今晚《西部最佳贸易展》的轰动声似乎比往年更为热烈。我看到了笑脸-[…]
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At 5 months old,Aidan Marshall已经足够大了,可以在7月21日举行的西部血迹(WesternBlocktock)NCHA年中砍马拍卖会上挑选马匹了。亚博在线登入他眼睛盯着二元金属,a red roan yearling colt by Dual Smart Rey and out of Metallic Little Cat (by Metallic Cat) that sold for $12,000.