Registration Open for AHC's Annual Meeting

登记现在开放为美国马委员会(AHC)2018年度会议和国家问题论坛,to be held at the Capital Hilton in Washington,D.C. Registration information,along with a tentative schedule,is available on the AHC website.The theme of the National Issues Forum will be"Let's Capitalize On It!"并将焦点[…]


1220亿美元的马匹产业是美国不断增长的一部分。经济,employing 1.74 million people,根据最近的经济影响的研究。美国2017年经济影响研究Horse Industry found that the care,business and recreation surrounding the 7.2 million horses in the country generated $79 billion in total salaries.[…]


The American Horse Council Foundation (AHCF) is pleased to announce the results of its 2017 Economic Impact Study on Feb.28 at a reception with the Congressional Horse Caucus on Capitol Hill.


Following confusion and frustration surrounding new transportation regulations,俗称电子记录设备(古人)授权,the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced its plans to release a new website specifically tailored to the agricultural industry next week.美国马理事会(AHC)会见了点,Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) deputy administrator […]

AHC 2018国家问题论坛6月举行

The American Horse Council (AHC) is pleased to announce the 2018 National Issues Forum will take place on Tuesday,June 12,at the Capital Hilton in Washington,华盛顿特区的主题将是“Let's Capitalize On It!"and will focus on ways the equine industry can learn and grow from both equine and outside industry segments,[…]

AHC 1季度研讨会讨论古人授权


In the Know: ELD Mandate

Several equine industry groups and associations are urging horsemen to speak out against an impending law they say could negatively impact transportation of horses and other livestock.Known as the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate,the law limits the amount of time a commercial truck driver can drive,调节值班/下班时间,需要[…]

Jill Montgomery Receives 2017 Van Ness Award

Each year,美国马理事会(AHC)介绍了范·尼斯奖个人表明领导和服务马社区在他或她的国家。It is awarded in memory of Mrs.Marjorie Van Ness,新泽西马匹理事会的创始人之一。夫人。范·尼斯的组织者之一AHC马州议会的联合。