Slicker Reunion

I see this print everyday – multiple times a day,even.It hangs on the wall above the printer in the 亚博在线( QHN) office in Fort Worth,Texas.As QHNArt Director,I print a lot.But even though I see"Slicker Reunion"so often,我从未厌倦过。I always see something in it I didn't see the day before.
The lobster roll and lobster bisque at Lucile's took me back to the Northeast.

Bits & Bites: NRCHA Celebration of Champions

The National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebration of Champions kicked off today in Fort Worth,Texas,with the Peptoboonsmal Cow Horse Classic Derby,and I wanted to share with you my experience at a nearby restaurant called Lucile's Stateside Bistro.
The T&P Tavern boasts the biggest dining patio in Fort Worth,at 5,000 square feet.

Bits & Bites: NRHA Winter Meeting

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Winter Meeting kicks off tomorrow and after finding out the meeting was at the Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel,I was excited I'd be able to tell you about a casual and historic tavern .2 miles away.
SF03 ShooflyGreetingCards


现在是沃斯堡牛仔出版集团办公室的旺季,Texas.At 亚博在线we're busy with Futurity season coverage and year-end marketing pushes.It's been more than a few weeks since I've been able to continue my year-long journey through the art here in the office,but something lovely came to me a few weeks and I thought I'd share.
EOTC01 FullPoster

The Evolution of the Cowboy – 1933 Jo Mora

There is a framed poster in the Cowboy Publishing Group office kitchen.This poster has fascinated me from the first moment I saw it.First,it is big!Second,its detail is on a level that can only be described as mind melting,but in a good way.The poster,"Evolution of the Cowboy",is a second edition of a rodeo poster Uruguayan-born artist Joseph Jacinto"Jo"Mora illustrated for the California Rodeo Salinas in 1933.

Bits & Bites: ICHA Futurity & Aged Event

I'm currently in Nampa,Idaho,for the Idaho 亚博在线登入Cutting Horse Association (ICHA) Futurity and Aged Event.I love to experience local restaurants while traveling,so I decided to hit up a Nampa favorite,the American restaurant Brick 29 Bistro.


I recently had the pleasure of attending a preview party for the new Veryl Goodnight exhibit at the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall-of-Fame.今年秋天全国牛仔名人堂将进行晚安,and after spending about an hour with some of her works,I can see why.
Ahi tacos and prime rib with shallot buttered green beans

Bits & Bites: NCHA Summer Spectacular

The National 亚博在线登入Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Summer Spectacular is a marathon of a show,and it can wear you down if you let it.It's important to give yourself a break,even if it's just for lunch or dinner.Fort Worth,Texas,is my home,so I didn't need to do much research to find a good spot to grab a bite to eat.
APHA Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Takes Over

PonytaPokémon like Ponyta are capturing the attention of the world,and the horse industry can use that to its advantage!!OK.I admit it.I was Pokémon obsessed as a pre-adolescent in elementary and middle school.I remember it like it was yesterday.I handed over a wrinkled dollar bill in exchange for my first card – Ponyta.Ah,the butterflies...


Bits & Bites: NRHA Derby

My expectations were fairly high going to Oklahoma City for the first time,because I'm usually able to hunt down a killer restaurant in a big city.When my research led me to Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar,a farm-to-kitchen establishment in the inner city,I was immediately excited.My love for"from scratch only"restaurants started when I ate at Farmer Fishers Bakers in Georgetown,D.C.,with my brother Cody a few years back,and I haven't found a place that matched it since.